Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

Do you need a unique and special gift for a special man in your life? Father’s day is coming up, or maybe a birthday? Or even an anniversary? Maybe a wedding present? I've got the perfect solution for you.

This is a unique and hand crafted design with a very professional and glossy finish. Any man would be absolutely amazed by the quality, and amount of time that has gone into making this spectacular gift! It also appears to be a simple project if you would like to take it upon yourself and make your own, or if you have no idea where you would start? Or don’t have the time to complete such a project, this amazing centerpiece is available for sale! So what is this amazing unique piece that I have been talking about?

The Whisky Barrel Coffee Table. The beautiful design was hand crafted from a whiskey barrel. This specific barrel table was made from a very strong and durable type of wood, Oak wood. Although if you were to take on the challenge and make your own version of this, there is a large variety of other types of wood you could use! This incredible table was made in the USA. Although there is more to this table then meets the eye. This table is not just a table. If you pick up the front on the top piece of wood it opens up just like a trunk. You now not only have a place to set coffee down in the morning and magazines or books that you may read, but you also have a place to store them! The table itself is built to ensure smooth lifting and closing, as it has hinges. This beautiful trunk style coffee stable stands 19” off the floor, is 34” wide and 43” in length. If you decide to order a Whiskey Barrel Table, just be sure to remember that not every barrel is exactly the same. This of course means that the table that you will receive may be slightly different in regards to the color, and size.

These amazing tables are finished with natural stain and sealed with lacquer to prevent water marks. If you would like to read more of the details about this beautiful table, please visit the link below, you will be redirected shortly to Goods Home Design.

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