When You Can't Decide Between Boating and Camping... Life's Little Challenges, Meet the Sealander!

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Have you ever had the urge of camping near a lake or ocean and thought to yourself, “Ohh this is so relaxing, can we hit those open waters?”. Camping is a fabulous way to spend an awesome and adventurous weekend. It is an inexpensive activity that provides the moment for a unique and memorable experience in the beauty of nature. Brace yourself and prepare to be landlocked no more!

Just like the cross evolutionary mammal, the Sealander alters you to your urges as it functions as a camper on a dry land while giving you a pleasure cruising the boat on the water. Does it sounds cool? The design was modelled by some intrepid German engineers, who contoured the towable camper with a tiny outboard motor that propels the two-person camper in a shallow and calm waters. BUT, trips like cross-Atlantic are not suggested.

With a small sink, bench seats, a huge “sunroof” that opens wide and a stereo system; the interior design was well mounted and relaxing. A smooth fibreglass hull secures durability, while keeping the weight down. So what exactly you need to bring for a camping activity? Food and beverages is a given. If you’re planning to grill, you need to bring napkins and utensils, plates, salt, pepper and other seasonings. If you prefer barbecue grill, then you’ll probably need a butane stove, a torch lighter, tongs and spatula. Just don’t forget to bring with you paper towels and garbage bags as well. Key point is make sure that the cooler or storage you have are just enough and fitted perfectly.

Other important things like water, sunglasses, sunscreen and towels should not be missed of course! Did this idea help you to decide to do this over the weekend? Visit and check out Sealander website to learn more http://sealander.de/

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