Try Not to Grin While Watching These Fascinating Horses

"What A Magnificent Picture," of this man guiding four beautiful horses towards us, with even more horses behind him. There's something to be said about anyone who has a relationship as great as this with these majestic animals.

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Worldwide, horses play a role within human cultures and have done so for millennia. Horses are used for leisure activities, sports, and working purposes. Communication between humans and horses is important in any equestrian activity. To aid this process horses are usually ridden with a saddle on their backs to assist the rider with balance and positioning, and a bridle or related headgear to assist the rider in maintaining control. Sometimes horses are ridden without a saddle, and occasionally, horses are trained to perform without a bridle or other headgear. Many horses are also driven which requires the use of a harness, bridle, and some type of vehicle. People of all ages with physical and mental disabilities can benefit from their association with horses. Therapeutic riding is used to help people with mental and physical disabilities and to stimulate disabled persons and help them improve their lives through improved balance and coordination, increased self confidence, and a greater feeling of freedom and independence.

A horses' anatomy allows them to make use of speed to escape predators and they also have a well developed sense of balance and a strong fight or flight response. This need to flee from predators in the wild is an unusual trait, along with horses being able to sleep both standing up and lying down. Female horses, also called mares, carry their young for approximately 11 months, and a young horse, called a foal, can stand and run shortly following birth. Most domesticated horses begin training under saddle or in harness between the ages of two and four. They reach full adult development by age five, and have an average lifespan of between 25 and 30 years.

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