This $89,900 House Will Make All Of Your Fixer-Upper Dreams Come True

Wood cabins bring to mind diminutive and quaint building structures that are nestled in the forest. In fact, when you think of a log house, you probably imagine a very basic structure that lacks any significant number of decorative elements. In reality, however, a log house can be any home that's largely comprised of wood. Best of all, given the ever-changing way in which existing log house construction is being categorized, these units don't even have to be in remote and heavily wooded locations. Keep this in mind as you check out this amazing log house design that's currently being offered in South Carolina for the jaw-dropping price of just $89,000. This isn't the first house in this state to hit the market for less than $90k. Just one month prior to this listing going live, listing details for another, equally impressive design went vital on the web. Log house design plans like these are actually far more traditional than you might think. Both of these log house designs are a product of the Victorian era. Moreover, they're both approximately 110 years old and they've both managed to maintain a lot of their structural integrity and intrinsic value. While $89,000 is certainly an impressive price, it's important to note that this log house design is in definite need of some work. Despite this fact, the listing agent who's in charge of the sale, a South Carolina local named Bryan Joyner, asserts that the home has walls and ceilings that are in surprisingly good shape despite its age.

Investing in existing log house construction rather than attempting to implement a brand new log house design from the ground up, can be both infinitely easier and considerably more affordable. You won't have to shop around for a suitable lot or go through the seemingly endless succession of design phases. Best of all, buying existing log house construction that's low in price and in need of a bit of work, will definitely let you flex your creative skills. Existing log house construction can be an ideal investment for both seasoned and professional designers who are eager to showcase their work in an impressive and truly long-lasting fashion. This gorgeous, Victorian log house has a whimsical turret, a large, wraparound porch, red rocking chairs, bunting, and a vibrantly-hued roof. Dating back to 1907, this Victorian log house is rich with all the trim, details and decorative features that's typical of this age. On the inside of the log house, you will find that the vintage character of the home has been diligently maintained by all of its former owners. It's got transom windows, built-ins, hardwood floors, mantels, baseboard and crown molding, high pocket doors, and much, much more. There's even a small breakfast area just across from the kitchen.

Wood cabins don't have to be secluded or bare bones. Victorian log house construction proves that people can live in comfortably populated neighborhoods and surrounded by a number of eye-catching and beautifully ornate design elements. There are countless benefits that buyers can gain by opting to invest in this log house. Not only can they take advantage of an extremely low purchase price, but they'll also have the benefit of a fun and incredibly engaging, fixer-upper project. Homes like these help investors gain a sense of accomplishment and pride. Wood cabins like these are also rich with a number of quirky features. While they're certainly valued by people who love tradition and antiques, they can appeal to a very broad range of preferences and styles. This log house can be cleaned up, fixed up and enhanced with the addition of modern amenities that blend perfectly with its traditional flair.

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