The Best Ice Cream Sandwich Cake!

Kids of all ages love ice cream. Looking for a sweet, cold, textured delicious dessert idea? This ice cream sandwich cake is made from already prepared ingredients, like ice cream sandwiches, jarred chocolate hot fudge sauce, and candy bar crumbles so you can assemble it quickly. This recipe uses cool whip, but you could also substitute fresh whipping cream in the layering. This would be a fun idea for a frozen birthday cake or on a hot summer day as that extra yummy dessert for that Sunday family barbecue.

The delightful thing about this ice cream sandwich cake is that you can dress it up in so many various ways. Either you alternate ice cream sandwiches, to sorts of candies and ice cream toppings. So you see there are so many flavours to choose from. In the end of this recipe it will look very delicious and spectacular like no one even realize that it would only took you less than 20 minutes to prepare it.

Here is a list of the ingredients you might need in making ice cream sandwich cake.

- Ice cream sandwiches depending upon the size youll gonna make

- Hot fudge sauce

- Cool whip

- Crunchy topping

This is actually a very simple recipe to make and even a child can do this at home. So how it is done? Actually there are only few steps for these recipe. First, prepare your layer of ice cream sandwich in a medium or large size pan, spread on the hot fudge topping; either goya or hersheys. Add a layer of the cool whip and the crunchy topping of your choice. When it comes to crunchy topping, you may purchase chocolate chips, oreo crumbles, toffee bits or chopped nuts depending upon your taste. Freeze it for about 2 hours uncovered and cover it with foil and freeze it for about another hour. Once it is already hardened, serve it and enjoy!

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