Small Post & Beam Cabin with Amazing MUST See Interior

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Have you thought about building and living in your own log cabin? “It’s where my future heads, and I’ll make sure it goes there. Log home living will be mine soon.” Good attitude, pal! If that’s the plan, I’ll help you. First off, you will need regular inspiration for your future log cabin, right? Well, I got something for you to look up: the post and beam cabin in the B.C. woods. Look at the photo of the log home. Its simplicity makes it wonderful. Interested in learning more about this log cabin? Here, let me take you inside the log home and meet the couple behind the logs.

People, I want you all to meet Sam and Monika Petersen. Sam is a log home builder while Monika enjoys photography and also has an “eye for choosing finishes.” The combinations of their talents have resulted into this beautiful log cabin. This log home is in fact a lake cabin built in 2010. It is located near Horsefly Lake in central British Columbia in Canada. This classic small log cabin has a cozy open living space, a loft that can be accessed via a ladder, a little kitchen with built-in storage, bathroom, and a porch in front. As stated in Small House Bliss, “the structure is made of post and beam, using logs instead of squared-off timbers. For the roof, loft floor, and porch, large logs are used for support. “Tell me about the exterior of the log cabin.” A fine combination of naturally finished logs with siding painted barn red has a great contribution to the exteriors charming look. “There is a cedar board and batten treatment up in the gables with live-edge cedar boards (having a wavy edge corresponding to the irregular outer surface of the tree) installed below,” according to Small House Bliss.

Good news for everyone! The log cabin is on sale! Your log cabin journey will start by looking at this one! To view more photos of the cabin, click Small House Bliss website below. It will also lead you to Monica and Sam’s website where the log cabin on sale is posted.

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