'Shenandoah' Stunning 232 Sqft Log Cabin Costing only $19k is an Amazing Price!

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Are you looking for an ideal floor plan for your log cabin? Well, please have a look at the Shenandoah Log Cabin design offered by Conestoga Log Cabin Kits and Home.

This simple, beautiful, elegant 232 square foot log cabin consists of two rooms. If you need to provide a log cabin space for guests with larger families, or if you’d like to provide a cabin getaway for guests without the hassle of amenities, this could be the ideal log cabin kit package for you. In addition to a covered porch that runs the entire width of the cabin, it also includes beds and mattresses with the option of other accessories.

Here, your guests will have the spaciousness of two sleeping rooms as well as a beautiful front porch on which they can wake up with their morning coffee.

Based in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, the wonderful folks over at Conestoga Log Cabin Kits and Home have over thirty years of manufacturing and log cabin-kit building experience. When they first started out, it was their vision to become leading-edge manufacturers in the log cabin kit industry and now they offer many time-tested, professional designs to choose from. They have recently invested in a top-quality 100,000 square foot factory with the hope of shortening delivery times while increasing their efficiency – all with the intention of saving their customers money! They specialize in easy-to-build log homes that are less than 2500 square feet and have sold over 3000 log cabin kits so far – to all fifty states as well as 7 other countries. Their specially-treated logs offer low maintenance as they’re subject to far less warping and shrinkage compared to the average log.

To learn more, and to see the complete Shenandoah Log Cabin floor plan, please visit the Conestoga Log Cabins website, below!

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