Lemon Lush Dessert

Summer sure inspires a lot of great recipe ideas with barbeques and picnics in mind. Many of them include salads and desserts that call for fresh local vegetables and fruits. This "Lemon Lush Dessert" recipe idea is the perfect accompaniment to summer time grilling recipes, and makes for a super sunny and light dessert.

This summer dessert recipe is something our dear blogger Alli has been making for years with her grandma. She now makes it for her own family, ensuring that she starts with Country Time Lemonade, then grilled pork chops with barbeque sauce. She swears by this dessert and says it was always the perfect way to end the meal.

Some of the ingredients for this lovely dessert recipe include Jello-O Lemon Pudding, cream cheese, and cool whip. Just think of all the layers weve got here. Theres an intriguing bottom layer that is very similar to shortbread cookie dough. This is to give the entire dish a little extra texture, and to hold it all together! Next, there is the creamy cream cheese layer, followed by the tangy lemon pudding layer. And just when you think youve died and gone to Heaven, you top it all off with some frothy Cool Whip!

After making this simple lemon dessert recipe with tender loving care, you'll then want to cover it up and put it in your fridge for a while. This will help it to chill properly, so all of the ingredients will set and gel together in wondrous ways. Take it out just before you are ready to serve it up. Everyone will be so surprised and impressed. It looks so pretty too! For the full recipe and lots of photos you'll really want to check out the Cupcake Diaries, the wonderful food blog and website where we found it.

As we mentioned earlier, this lovely blog The Cupcake Diaries - was created by Alli. Alli is from Salt Lake City. She calls herself a food aholic because she loves to cook and bake so much! She also adores sharing her latest recipes with her readers. Oh, and did we mention she really enjoys throwing a good party? Alli is married to a wonderful husband and together they have two boys and guess what? Theres another baby on the way! She is a self-taught cook who grew up watching her dear mom and grandma cooking up storms in the sweet-smelling kitchen. She knew that when she got bigger she was going to cook like them too.

Allis excellent food blog is a great resource for family recipes that are easy to follow. There are recipes from cupcakes to crock pot sensations and lots to choose from in between. This user friendly website has tabs at the top of the site that make it easy to navigate and find the recipe you are looking for. Youll also find free printable party ideas and so much more.

For the full recipe for Lemon Lush Dessert and a goldmine of other recipes, please be sure to visit the "Cupcake Diaries," website.

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