Inside Out Reeses Peanut Butter Cake

How on earth have I never found this recipe until just recently? Not only do I love chocolate, but peanut butter (especially the Reese flavored variety) is an all time favorite. Growing up I used to take those jars of peanut butter out of the fridge, grab some chocolate chips and honey and have my own little sweet party. Nowadays, it is much more sophisticated to bake a recipe from scratch and come up with something unique, so when people share recipes like this one from Oh Bite It, there is nothing I can do but say 'thank you'!

What makes this recipe so unique is the 'copycat' Reese's peanut butter that the author has kindly shared with the world. Once you master this recipe with the few basic ingredients and some serious mixing, you will be so happy to be able to use it on all sorts of peanut butter related desserts. It is really a simple procedure, but the combination will come out just like your taste buds were hoping for.

As for the cake, whether you decide on a store bought cake (in this case, Betty Crocker) in a box or a famous recipe passed down from your Grandmother, the key is to prepare two 8 inch round cakes so that you can have a layer of frosting settled between the two layers. I guess you could also just make 2 cakes depending on your perfect ratio of cake to frosting.

To find this delicious recipe with all the ingredients and instructions, check out the link below to the website 'Oh Bite It' for this and many more delicious creations. Oh and did I mention how divine this dessert is washed down with a big ol' cup of cold milk? Mmm....a true slice of heaven on your plate.

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