How To Make a Stove from a Single Log

This Single Log Stove is also known as the 'Swedish Fire Torch'. Used for outdoor cooking it works like a charm and all you need is a log.

So long as you know there will be reasonably dry logs available where you have your outside cookout you can make the stove! Because the log has a flat surface on the top, it serves as the cooking area. As you see in the photo, a good cast iron pan would be a worthy vessel to prepare your outdoor meal in.

Although this Swedish Fire Torch is made with a chainsaw, the article also has a You Tube video you can watch that shows you how you can also make it with an ax. This would be a great thing to know if you are out in the woods and need a cooking surface.

The concept of this stove is that you get the wood log burning from the inside, not the outside. This creates a good heat source for your cooking.

If you are using a chainsaw, you simply cut through the log like cutting a pie into eight pieces and you leave the bottom few inches of the log joined so it will keep your 'cookstove' together.

This would be so much fun at do make, just as a novelty at an outside event. Our family has many of these events where we sit around an open fire on log rounds, and play guitars and have sing-a-longs. We normally depend on the barbecue as our cooking source, but it would be a lot of fun to have two or three of these Swedish Fire Torches going that would heat up the chili, or for the kids to roast their hotdogs and marshmallows!

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