Dream Cabin (The Aspen) Priced at $54,000

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This gorgeous log home located at The Aspen is a little gem. Surrounded by mountain and wilderness and rivers, this log home is perfect for any outdoor lovers or city folks looking for a relaxing and refreshing vacation. And for only $54,000, this dream cabin can be yours.

This cozy house measures to 1458 square feet. Donít let the size fool you - this house feels incredibly large thanks to its large front deck (472 square feet) and massive windows. From the picture you can see how enormous these windows are. And these windows are on every side: every inch of this home will be brightened up by the sunlight in the morning, and at night this home will light up like a contained wildfire in the wilderness.

From the front deck and through the windowed doors, you will be welcomed into a large open space with a fireplace. The left side of this space is used as the great room, and the right side is the kitchen and dining area. Towards the rear of the home are the two bedrooms, each with their own closets. There is also a full bathroom conveniently located in the middle, beside the stairs to the second floor.

The second floor opens towards the front of the first floor, overlooking the large space shared by the great room and the dining room. From the second floor you have a fantastic view due to the enormous windows that cover the floor all the way to the ceiling at the front of the house. There is also the master bedroom, furnished with a large closet and private master bathroom. The master bedroom up here is quite large - it takes up the entirety of the second floor. This home totals 3 full bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms.

The large windows are in my opinion the homeís greatest strength. But cleaning them will be a little bit of a challenge. For the lower windows where you can reach within arms length and where you can reach with a reasonable ladder, then I recommend cleaning them yourself with a strip applicator with lots of soapy water and then wiping with a squeegee. But for the windows near the roof, I recommend calling for professional cleaners, unless your water hosing technique can clean the window without any leftover stains. I do not recommend that you climb a really tall ladder, especially if you are inexperienced. If you just happen to have experience with this, then you can do it yourself. Just be sure there is someone watching out for you beneath the ladder, and donít carry all the equipment with you when you climb - come down to replace equipment as you work. And when you are efficient in cleaning windows, help your neighbors with theirs! This is a great way to make some friends and hang out at each otherís log home decks.

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