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If you've long been pining for your very own log house, you should check out this amazing, Slave Lake, Alberta residence. This waterfront getaway is a veritable retreat, even when used as a primary dwelling. It's framed by gorgeously arched, king post trusses that are echoed all throughout the living space and that reach their end right at the windows. From these, you'll have captivating views of the expansive body of water that lies right outside. At the rear portion of the property, there's a stunning chimney that travels from the patio at the basement level of this log house, up to a prow right at the main portion of the home. This log house boasts an impressive 1,961 square feet of living space, a massive garage, and an additional 420 square feet of usable space in the form of an outdoor deck. Those who invest in this log house will get the timber home of their dreams. What's truly amazing about this log house, however, is not the design itself, but the cabin builders who've built it and the innovative manufacturing techniques that they've used. While the floor plan for this particular log house might suit your fancy, it's important to note that the cabin builders responsible for this log house, a company called Riverbend, actually specialize in the the design and development of custom log homes that boast a superior level of insulation. These cabin builders regularly work alongside both investors and their architects to arrive at beautiful, efficient and structurally sound log house designs. That's why the award-winning professionals at Riverbend are among the most respected providers throughout the log house building and development industry.

While this finished log house might seem like little more than a conventional, timber frame home, it is actually a lot more complex than a mere timber building. Riverbend incorporates structural insulated panels and insulated concrete forms into its log house design plans. This creates a strong and long-lasting shell for the property that traps heat energy in. The goal of these efforts is to create log house designs that have a tight energy envelop. This is ideal for many prospective log house investors, given that the primary lure of log house construction is the fact that it's naturally insulated. The cabin builders at Riverbend have found a proven way to enhance this natural efficiency, so that owners of their log house projects can enjoy lower overhead costs and dramatic reductions in their carbon footprints. Riverbend currently has a number of existing log house design plans that buyers can choose from. They are also willing to make upgrades and amendments to these log house plans as homeowners require. Moreover, they will help homeowners bring their own log house design visions to life by reviewing even the most rudimentary plans and working to complete and enhance them.

There are a number of benefits that people can gain by choosing to invest in new or existing log house construction. Among these are improved energy-efficiency, rugged, durable homes that are built to last, and living environments that are guaranteed to have a warm, cozy feel. Riverbend offers a range of log house design plans that are suitable for both primary dwellings and personal retreats. Best of all, these options in log house design represent the best and most cutting-edge design strategies. The addition of high-end insulated concrete and insulated structural panels make the log house design plans of these cabin builders a cut above the rest. Best of all, there's even the option of purchasing this beautiful, pre-existing log house, right on the gorgeous shores of Slave Lake.

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