Adorable and Affordable Kit Cabin is only $3,860

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The Escape Cabin Kit is manufactured with excellence in mind. Whether you are looking for a guest house, man cave, cabin in the woods or just a resting spot in your yard. You won't be disappointed with the high-quality timber and attention to detail. The cabin can be used all year round and will last for many, many years. Let the Escape Cabin Kit accommodate your pursuit to own a little structure that will add nostalgic charm in just about any setting.

With over 100,000 cabins sold worldwide, Lillevilla Cabin Kits are one of the top selling cabin lines in Europe, and now they are available in the USA. Known for their attention to detail, they have built a reputation of quality craftsmanship, design, and overall product integrity.

The cabin kits are designed to be an efficient project that can be tackled by two adults in merely a day or two, depending on the size and model of the kit. An assembly service is also an option and can provide complete support so you can simply sit back sipping your favorite wine while our trained installation crew does the rest!

These adorable cabins ooze charm and yet are also one of the most environmentally friendly structures available. Design and ethical building are an alluring combination, and your cabin kit is rooted in a commitment to protect the environment. For every tree that is harvested, five trees are replanted, promoting the importance of a sustainable forest.

These cabins will certainly be a compliment to any area and over time you'll see it organically transform to become part of the surroundings. Perhaps you'll add a vegetable garden just off the patio or maybe if your dream is not so rustic this little piece of paradise with have electricity and house your big screen tv. Whatever your desire, this structure adds charm and speaks of being environmentally conscious.

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