Absolutely Stunning 4600 Square Foot Log Home (the Santorini) for $317,000.

Imagine your own paradise, a log home away from the rat-race and hustle of the city. Away from the light pollution and the noise, in your own retreat from the everyday. If you are interested in learning how to build your own dream home, the links for eLog Homes show you that you can own an Absolutely Stunning 4600 Square Foot Log Home (the Santorini), for only $317,000.

The name Santorini, is synonymous with the island of Thera, or Atlantis. The Atlantis myth, stands for an old story of a lost paradise. even the philosopher Plato, linked "Santorini" with stories that told of a glorious empire that was lost to the sea and became this "mythical paradise". This 'lost and found paradise/dream' could be your reality, and you can get the blueprints for the Santorini log home today! Now-a-days, building your paradise is quicker and easier than ever before. You can custom everything about your new paradise, and make it really one-of-a-kind!

eLog Homes will build you your "lost paradise" and only uses wood that has been dried slowly and naturally (air-drying process), instead of kiln-drying as the logs become brittle and harder to work with when dried artificially. eLog Homes will never use wood that is made from small trees (that leads to having more in-line joints when building) or wood that have 'soft knots'. These "knots" turn soft then shrink, and fall out as they dry which leads to leaking (and repairs). eLog Homes avoids using hard, heavy woods as it is harder when compared to most softwoods, to work and build with and refrains from using woods that tend to have strong odors. Most importantly, eLog Homes ensures it only uses dry logs as the use of wood that is wet, warps when drying causing gaping in between the logs. This loses the wood-to-wood contact that is essential to this method of building homes to last generations.

Predominantly, when eLog Homes is building your future dream home, they will only use White pine (known for a pleasing scent and no shrinking knot flaws. This building group can build your next chalet or lakeside cabin and add the finishing touches only a master craftsman can. Vaulted ceilings or carved log beams or even a wrap around deck. Feel free to pick up your new log home blueprints for this Absolutely Stunning 4600 Square Foot Log Home, via the link to eLog Homes and photo galleries below!

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