A Tiny House for Which Is worth Paying Ireland a Visit

You should take a look at these Adorable 'thatched roof' cottages! Each of the Irish thatched roof cottages you will find on this page each have a unique, rustic charm you will find in no other type of tiny house design. Going to Ireland to see some of the historical and lovely thatched roof tiny cottages, is like stepping back in time, to a place that remains still somewhat the same.

One of the thatched roof tiny cottages was found on a tiny cottage in a rural area of Ireland. The tiny cottage had a red door, red window trim, and had a re-hatched roof, this tiny cottage was for sale, along with lots of other lovely thatched roof cottages around Ireland.

Thatched roofs have been around for centuries in Ireland. If you are considering a holiday or a vacation in Ireland, it is popular to try and stay in a thatched roof cottage to get a feel for this historic type of tiny house. Did you know that thatching is a craft that has been passed down from generation to generation? To thatch a tiny cottage roof, some traditional types of vegetation used can include wheat straw, sedges, reeds, heathers or whatever else is grown locally. You would think that fires are something to fear when you live in a thatched roof cottage, but the thatched roofs slowly burn like that of a closed book, with fires mostly happening because of faulty chimneys or poorly inserted flues.

Another of the thatched tiny cottages include the Rivendell tiny cottage, with a red door. This lovely tiny cottage is for sale in Currabinny, Co. Cork Ireland for $200,855. The tiny house has views over the outer Cork Harbour. The real estate listing for the tiny cottage doesn't show an address but has a more rustic approach to finding the adorable thatched roof house. With direction details like turn left at the roundabout by the Church, and go around a few windy bends of the property, and it is located on the right-hand side of the road, at the left-hand bend. It's one of those things that you would understand if you were a local living in the area, but if you weren't it would be quite an adventure getting to the tiny cottage.

Other details of the tiny cottage include the living room being described as having a solid fuel stove that is combined with a traditional stone surround, with a back boiler and a solid pine floor. Another of the thatched roof tiny cottages is just beautiful; it has a fairytale feel to it. Located in Adare, Ireland it has a beautiful garden of flowers, thatched roof dormers, white trimmed windows, and ivy climbing all over the entrance. The landscaping is just as beautiful and charming as the thatched roof, and tiny cottage!

The last thatched roof cottage might be from Thornton le Dale, North Yorkshire, England but is not known for sure. This thatched roof cottage also has a thatched roof that is quite beautiful, with a stone fence and a garden that is awe inspiring. You'll want to take a peek at the traditional thatched roof, tiny cottages they have such a nice look to them. Makes you feel like you are walking back in time. On this fun site, you will find all sorts of lovely tiny houses, and large houses to fall in love with, and to be inspired by. On Housekaboodle, you will find a treasure chest of houses from television and movie houses, tiny houses, celebrity houses, happy home tours and home decor.

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